Battery Operated Portable GPS Trackers

Portable GPS Trackers will allow you to track people, cars and assets. The unit can work for 1 to 2 weeks on a single charge or even months with an extended battery pack.

These units offer the most flexibility. It is possible to carry them in a pocket, purse, backpack. You can also place inside vehicles. Another option is under cars or trucks with a magnetic case that is sold separately.

On the tracking app or website, you can view the battery level or even get an alert when the battery is low. This way you will know for certain when it is time to charge the unit again.

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

Our most popular model. Charge the tracker and place anywhere on a vehicle. There is a optional magnetic case to place the tracker inside.



Easy to conceal.

Accessories available.

1-2 week battery life.

Charging every 1-2 weeks required.

Long Battery Life Asset Tracker

For assets that do not move frequently or if you plan to track only for recovery purposes. These trackers report its position only every 6 hours to conserve battery life.

Optimus AT GPS Tracker

This GPS tracker is designed for long term use without to having to replace the battery often.

The tracker is configured to report its position 4 times per day. This will enable the tracker to work for about 1 year with the internal non rechargeable battery.



Long Battery Life. (about one year)

No installation necessary.

Easy to conceal.

Only reports it's position 4 times per day.

Recommended only for assets that move occasionally or long distances.

Permanently Installed GPS Trackers

For any car or truck. 

Optimus OP50 GPS Tracker



Concealed installation.

Best performance.

No charging necessary.

Installation of 2 wires (Positive and Negative) necessary.

You may need help from a car mechanic-technician to install.

OBD Port GPS Tracker

It can’t get any easier than this. Just connect to your cars OBD port.



Good performance.

No charging necessary.

Easy installation.

Easy to find tracker on a vehicle.

Global Satellite GPS Trackers

Superior Coverage

Track the location of trucks, trailers, boats, yachts, RV and vehicles in remote areas. Use as alternative to traditional GPS tracker that use cellphone signal to transmit. 



Works worldwide transmitting to satellite networks.

Long battery life or solar powered version available.

Tracker will not report its position so frequently as other models.

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